Applying to the Graduate Program

An undergraduate degree in psychology or related field (e.g., cognitive science, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science) is required. Successful candidates generally have significant research experience as part of their undergraduate program or afterward, such as in a research assistant position or a master’s program.

Submitting your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score is optional, but not required for admission. All graduate students have a primary advisor from the start of the program, and so applicants are encouraged to contact at least one relevant faculty member about whether they are recruiting students in the current year in advance.

The following faculty members will not be accepting new Ph.D. students this year, i.e., for enrollment beginning in Fall 2023: Molly Crockett, Nathaniel Daw, Susan Fiske, Asif Ghazanfar, Michael Graziano, Tania Lombrozo, Yael Niv, Erik Nook, Betsy Levy Paluck, Nicole Shelton and Stacey Sinclair. Please note that you are still encouraged to include them as a secondary/tertiary advisor in your application.

Please note that we have two new faculty members – Rebecca Carey and Natalia Vélez – who will be accepting new graduate students this year.

Applicants may be able to request a waiver of the application fee from the Graduate School. Eligibility criteria and fee waiver application instructions can be found on the Graduate School Admissions website.

For complete information on how to apply and the online application, see the Graduate School Admissions website.

Please contact the Graduate Program Manager with any questions.

Additional Information

This resource was originally authored by Steve Luck and Lisa Oakes and is courtesy of Tufts University.