Internship Milestone Credit

Completing a summer internship is a valuable way to gain practical experience in the field while exploring and expanding your interests.


In many cases, internships may offer stipends or other sources of monetary compensation for your work. In other cases, a summer internship may require academic credit as a condition of employment. Additionally, international students may wish to apply for a summer internship to help complete their Curricular Practical Training (CPT).
In the case of required academic credit or CPT, the student must apply for the Internship Milestone Credit (IMC).

What is the IMC in Psychology?

The Internship Milestone Credit in Psychology allows students to gain academic credit for certain internships, which will show up on their transcripts. Internships that are eligible for the IMC in Psychology are those that are:
  • At least six weeks long.
  • Directly related to the PSY major. Students should be able to identify and describe how the internship is related to the scientific study of how people feel, think, and act and/or utilize practical applications of that science.

How do you apply for the IMC in Psychology?

Before the internship starts, you must apply for the IMC via TigerHub; retroactive applications are not considered.

When submitting an application via TigerHub, students should submit:

  1. A copy of the offer letter,
  2. A job description, and
  3. A brief statement (150-200 words) describing how the internship will advance their relevant knowledge and skills as a Psychology major.

In their statement, students are encouraged to be specific and provide examples. For instance, students should describe how the internship is relevant to and enriches their study of psychology, complementing coursework and independent work. In addition to conceptual relevance, students are encouraged to consider and articulate how the internship may permit them to develop or advance skills relevant to the Psychology major, such as applying multiple levels of analysis to real-world issues, utilizing data management tools and statistical methodology, and/or demonstrating clear communication of psychological science to a variety of audiences.

Upon conclusion of their internship, students must submit:
  1. A letter from the organization that summarizes their responsibilities as well as their overall performance during the internship.
  2. A written statement from the student describing what they learned and/or accomplished in their internship and how it relates to their studies in Psychology (<1 page double-spaced).

Common questions about the Internship Milestone Credit

Who is eligible to apply for the Internship Milestone Credit in Psychology?

Junior Psychology majors and Sophomores who have declared Psychology as their major are eligible to apply.

Can the Internship Milestone Credit count as one of your required departmental courses?

No, the IMC conveys academic credit, but not course credit. This means that the IMC cannot replace one of your required Psychology courses for degree completion or count towards the number of course credits required for graduation (31 for AB or 36 for BSE).

Do you need to identify a faculty advisor to apply for the Internship Milestone Credit?

No, you do not need an individual faculty advisor for the IMC because this program is reviewed and approved by the Department.

Can you apply for the Internship Milestone Credit more than once?

Yes! You may apply for the IMC more than once. For example, if the IMC has been approved to apply to an internship completed the summer prior to your junior year, you may apply again if you have been offered an eligible internship during the summer prior to your senior year.

You've found an internship that's related to your minor, but not Psychology. Can you apply for the Internship Milestone Credit in Psychology?

Unfortunately, because the IMC is awarded by the student’s major, internships related to a student’s minor/certificate but not the major are ineligible for the IMC.

What’s the difference between completing an internship with or without the Internship Milestone Credit?

The IMC helps students obtain academic credit for a summer internship that requires academic credit as a condition of employment. It also assists international students who wish complete their Curricular Practical Training (CPT). If either of these situations apply to you, then you should consider applying for the Internship Milestone Credit. However, the Internship Milestone Credit is unlikely to affect the internship experience and it will not influence how you list an internship experience on your curriculum vitae or resume.

Please note: there may be many other internships available that do not require academic credit as a condition of employment and may also offer funding. We encourage you to learn more about internships on the Center for Career Development's Planning your Summer page and review additional opportunities on the Office of Undergraduate Research Summer Program's page.

If you have questions about the Internship Milestone Credit in Psychology, please contact the Department of Psychology Undergraduate Program Manager