Kristia Wantchekon — Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Oct 31, 2022, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Event Description

Relating Profiles of Ethnic-racial Identity Process and Content to the Academic and Psychological Adjustment of Black and Latinx Adolescents

Ethnic–racial identity (i.e., individuals’ beliefs about their ethnic–racial group membership and the processes through which they develop those beliefs) is a developmental competency that can promote adolescents’ adjustment; however, the extant literature has largely focused on how distinct dimensions of ethnic–racial identity are associated with adjustment (i.e., variable-centered approaches), potentially obscuring a more holistic understanding of this developmental competency. In this talk, I will discuss my study utilizing latent profile analysis, a person-centered approach, to examine profiles of ethnic-racial identity among Black and Latinx adolescents as well as the links between adolescents' profile membership and adolescent adjustment. Discussion will highlight the synergistic benefits of ethnic–racial identity development and positive self-concept for Black and Latinx adolescents’ psychosocial and academic adjustment.

Department of Psychology
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