Minors & Certificate Programs

The University offers a range of undergraduate certificate programs available for Psychology majors.

The most common program among majors in psychology is the minor program in Neuroscience.* Although the University offers a neuroscience major, many students elect to major in psychology instead and to minor in neuroscience. These students are typically interested in the cognitive or social aspects of neuroscience. Interested students should discuss the minor program with the program directors and the director of undergraduate studies. Certain advanced courses taken in the program can count as cognates in the Department of Psychology.

* Please note that the Certificate Program in Neuroscience will end with students in the Class of 2024. The program transitions to a minor program for students in the Class of 2025 and beyond. The requirements for the minor will remain the same as those for the certificate.

Psychology majors also often choose to earn the following minors or certificate programs:

For information on all certificate/minor programs, see Undergraduate Certificate Areas of Study.