Funding for Independent Work

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Where to Start

As you consider your potential funding needs, please note that the first step in all cases is to design your research project with your advisor. Then, depending on your needs, please consider the following primary sources for funding: your advisor, the Department of Psychology, and the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).

Please note: the following information and sources of funding pertain to conducting experimental research. If you are seeking funding to attend or present your research at a conference, we recommend that you speak with your advisor and consult the Office of Undergraduate Research’s page on the Undergraduate Fund for Academic Conferences (UFAC).

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Primary Funding Sources

Applying for Funding

If funding from the Department of Psychology and/or the Office of Undergraduate Research is needed, you may apply through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE) in consultation with your advisor.

In SAFE, you will find a set of funding opportunities open to Psychology majors along with the time window for submitting proposals. The application periods for Psychology funding closely follows the Office of Undergraduate Research Senior Thesis Research Funding cycles (see When to Apply on the Office of Undergraduate Research website). If you have questions about SAFE, please look through OUR’s FAQ help pages on this tool.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: OUR Senior Thesis funding is considered "top-off" funding and can only be used once you demonstrate that you have used up the departmental or programmatic funds for which you are eligible in one single application. Please see more on this below under "Departmental vs. OUR funding". 

Before you Apply

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Additional Information and Funding

If you are curious about additional funding opportunities, we encourage you to check SAFE for other funding opportunities open to Psychology majors. To view all published award opportunities, leave all search fields blank in SAFE and then select search. There, you may see opportunities such as those funded by:

OUR also routinely publishes a list of available summer funding opportunities.

If you have further questions about funding or SAFE, please set up a meeting with the Department of Psychology Undergraduate Program Manager.