The prerequisites for entering the Department of Psychology are the successful graded completion (without PDF) of PSY 251 (Quantitative Methods) or a pre-approved statistics course in another department (for example, ORF 245 or ECO 202, SPI 200, SML 201, or POL 345), along with two other courses from the following list:

  • PSY 101 (Introduction to Psychology)
  • PSY 252 (Social Psychology)
  • PSY 254 (Developmental Psychology)
  • PSY 255 (Cognitive Psychology) 
  • PSY 258 (Fundamentals of Neuroscience) or NEU 200 (Functional Neuroanatomy)

All requests for an alternative set of prerequisites must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Sophomores who have fulfilled the prerequisites may apply for early concentration. If accepted, they may engage in independent reading with a faculty advisor and submit a paper at the end of the Spring semester. This preparation may qualify them for more advanced independent work in the Junior year.

If you are currently a Sophomore and are interested in meeting to discuss a concentration in Psychology, please make an appointment using Bookings or contact the Department of Psychology Undergraduate Program Manager.